Daniel Segura Garzon (ESR 7; IFOM)

Daniel Segura Garzon (ESR 7; IFOM)

Early Stage Researcher

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Daniel Segura Garzón earned his B.S. degree in Biology with first-class honours in 2014. He joined the immunology Unit of Hospital Clinic, first in the allergy department, and then in the immunotherapy group for his MSc thesis where he conducted a project on CART immunotherapy of B cell malignancies. In this group they are achieving outstanding results working on the implementation of this therapy which employs anti-CD19 T-cells engineered to eliminate leukemic cells from children with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia refractory to all other treatments. Daniel’s work involved the characterization of cell-depleting strategies aimed at terminating the action of CART-cells after treatment is completed. He then joined Dr Andrea Cerutti’s B cell biology laboratory at Fundació IMIM, where he has been doing research for the past two years revolving around intestine mucosal immunology and an enigmatic B cell population in human tonsils that produce antibodies of an isotype, IgD, the function of which remained elusive to date.


His experience has introduced him to research from both clinical point of view and the basic research approach deeply specialized in B cells biology and disease.

Key words

B-cells, CARTs, antibodies

B-cell immunology


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