Ozge Gizlenci (ESR 6; BI)

Ozge Gizlenci (ESR 6; BI)

Early Stage Researcher

Ozge Gizlenci was born in Mersin, Turkey. She received a B.Sc. degree in molecular biology and genetics from Middle East Technical University. In the third year of her bachelor degree, she participated in a summer research program at the University of Cambridge, funded by the Erasmus Internship Grant. She conducted her bachelor project on the investigation of a possible mechanism for tumor suppression in mammalian species with longer lifespans using the R statistical programming language, resulting in an international conference poster with Dr. Mehmet Somel. Her continuing interest in R allowed her to contribute to data analysis for collaborative research headed by Dr. Mahinur Akkaya, ultimately leading to a published paper.

Following her graduation as the top-ranked student in her department, she was awarded a scholarship by the German Academic Exchange Service to obtain her M.Sc. degree in molecular biosciences with the major of cancer biology from University of Heidelberg. During the Master program, she took a semester abroad to start a joint project in her specialized interests, gene editing and stem cells, in the laboratory of Dr. Christian Brendel and Dr. David A. Williams at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center. Captivated by the promise of gene therapies in translational medicine, she conducted her master thesis on the elucidation of Evl/miR-342 gene locus regulating lymphoid and myeloid differentiation with Dr. Hanno Glimm at DKFZ. Upon completion or her thesis, she returned to her work with Dr. Christian Brendel as a researcher at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute prior to her graduate studies. At Dana-Farber, she uses the base editing method to correct disease-causing mutation in Schwachman-Diamond Syndrome disease and later to apply it for gene therapy approaches.

Her PhD project with Dr. Martin Turner will be focused on molecular mechanisms of selection in the germinal center. With the contribution of COSMIC Training, she aims to help uncover molecular mechanisms of B-cell lymphoma and rheumatoid arthritis with both computational and molecular biology approaches.

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