Alexey Koshkin (ESR 4; INRIA)

Alexey Koshkin (ESR 4; INRIA)

Early Stage Researcher

Alexey was born in Moscow, Russia. He studied mathematics at Moscow Aviation Institue and at New University of Lisbon. After graduating in mathematics, he obtained a Master’s degree in biochemistry from New University of Lisbon. Alexey did his master’s thesis at Institute of Biological and Experimental Technology (iBET) in Oeiras, Portugal in the multidisciplinary Animal Cell Technology Unit.


His master thesis 'Application of metabolic systems biology to the production of cell- and virus-based therapeutics' was focused on applying systems biology tools to study and optimize the production of two promising advanced-therapeutical products:  i)  adenovirus  vectors  (AdVs)  for  gene  delivery  and  ii)  human  induced  pluripotent  stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes (hiPSC-CMs) for cardiac cell-based therapy and/or cardiotoxicity testing.


After concluding his Master's degree, Alexey worked as a junior research fellow in the same institute, for one year, in a project that aimed to characterize cellular metabolism during cardiomyocyte differentiation and maturation processes.


Additionally, Alexey worked one year at University of Zurich, in a project focused on studying metabolic dysregulation of cellular compartments that constitute the blood brain barrier after ischemia.

Systems Medicine
Computational modelling
Cardiac differentiation
Cellular metabolism


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