Dr. Jeroen Guikema

Dr. Jeroen Guikema

Deputy Coordinator & Work Pacakge 3 (BCN) leader; Beneficiary (B1c)

Our research is focused on immunoglobulin gene recombinations in B cells. We aim to understand the basic mechanisms of these recombinations, and the contribution to genomic instability in malignant leukemias and lymphomas. We are especially interested in the generation and resolution of DNA double-strand breaks during immunoglobulin gene recombinations. To that end, we use genome-wide screening approaches to detect DNA breaks in developing B cells that arise as 'collateral damage' of RAG1/2-mediated V(D)J recombinations, and in activated mature B cells during AID-dependent somatic hypermutations and class switch recombination.  

immunoglobulin gene recombinations
Molecular biology
Biomedical research


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