COSMIC Annual Meeting. An impression

21-25 January, 2019
On 21 January 2019 we kicked off with the Workshop Systems Medicine and computational modelling. The lecturers talked about Systems medicine, ordinary differential equations, stochastic modelling, Gillespie algorithm, agent-based modelling, protein functional interaction networks, gene regulatory network interference. 
SystemsMedicime2019 (7).jpg
The ESRs are listening to a lecture of Sebastian Binder
SystemsMedicime2019 (14).jpg
Sebastian Binder talks about a agent based model about wolves that eat sheep.
 SystemsMedicime2019 (20).jpg
Judith Farres talks about protein interaction networks and how they can be used to study disease.
SystemsMedicime2019 (26).jpg
Olivier Gandrillon talks about computational approaches for gene regulatory network interference
SystemsMedicime2019 (37).jpg
 Maria Martinez introduces the ESRs to noise and stochastic modelling.
Dinner (7).jpg
 Finalizing the workshop Systems Medicine with a very nice dinner in Amsterdam
On 22 January 2019 we continued with the Workshop Methodologies in Immunology. Presentations about antibody technology, advanced imaging technologies, advanced Flow-cytometry and novel FACS applications, high throughput analysis of BCR and TCR repertoires, transcriptomics and Eeigenetics (single-cell & long-read), and transgenic, reporter and knockout mice in immunology.
Jeroen Guikema talks about antibody technology
Prof. Eric Reits (Cell Biology, AMC) talks about Advanced Imaging technologies in Immunology.
On 22 January 2019 the ESRs also attended a patient seminar during which a patient with rheumatoid arthritis was interviewed by Niek de Vries.


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