Project manager appointed

COSMIC project manager appointed

We are happy to announce the Dr. Laurian Jongejan will join COSMIC as project manager. She will support the coordinator with all non-scientific task within COSMIC including reporting, communication, training, and dissemination. 


Dr Laurian Jongejan ↑ did her PhD at the University of Leiden department of Plant Virology (Prof. Dr. J. F. Bol) working on the isolation and characterization of host factors (plasmodesmatal components) interacting with the transport proteins (MPs) of Alfalfa mosaic virus (AMV) and cowpea mosaic virus (CPMV). Using the two-hybrid system we tried to isolate plant host proteins interacting with the transport proteins of different plant viruses. After isolation these host proteins were further characterized and studied for their localization in the plant. Subsequently, she was a post-doc at the Sanquin Foundation, department


of Immunopathology (Dr. R. Van Ree), where she worked in a European project (SAFE) aimed at the determination of the geographical distribution of food allergies throughout Europe using apple allergy as a model system. Next she start as a post-doc at the Amsterdam medical centre, department of experimental Immunology, Laboratory of Allergy, (Dr. R. Van Ree) continuing the work of the first post-doc position. In addition, she participated in EUROPREVALL with 66 international partners that aimed at isolating new emerging allergens from (tree)nuts and determining their prevalence. 


In 2008 a new European project (FAST) started, aiming at the development of specific immunotherapy for food allergy. Within this project she handled the financial and scientific reporting to the EU, the toxicity studies and she was part of the steering committee In 2014 she became the project manager for a new EU project, BM4SIT, which was launched to develop and improve immunotherapy for treatment of birch pollen allergy.

In this project, as well as the FAST project (which is currently finishing it's second clinical trial) she is also responsible for the organisation of the clinical trials. In 2016 she became project manager of the European sepsis academy (ESA-ITN). This is an ambitious project where the lead scientists in sepsis from University and company perspective work together to educate 15 Early stage researchers (PhD candidates) to become the new leaders in this research field. Laurian is responsible for the website, take care of the PhD recruitment for all centers, organize courses and summer schools, generate the scientific reports for the EU and overall act as a project manager to make sure everything runs smoothly within the consortium.



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